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Schnitzer Classic Werkstatt
& Technical Service

No matter if your looking for a technical check of your classic racing car, the repair of a damage or a complete restauration – our all new equipped workshop is the perfect place for an excellent care of your race car. Many years of experience in the restoration of race cars and racing engines, as well as a profound technical expertise form the basis of our work.

Equipped with modern CNC-controlled machinery, we are able to reproduce parts ourselves, in case original parts are no longer available. We therefore guarantee a very high vertical integration of our services. For specific operations, such as painting, we rely on the expertise of long-term partners in whom we fully trust.

Race Support
& Events

We offer full technical support at any national or international racetrack. No matter if you just want to go for a trackday or fight for victories and championship titles in historic racing.Our experienced team will take care of all your needs so that you can fully enjoy your passion.

Our services include the organization of the event, transportation of your car as well as professional race management and on-track technical support.
We are also happy to take care of your comfort off track offering catering services for customers and guests.

& Gearbox Revision

The engine is the heart of every race car. We therefore believe that a distinctive expertise in engine and transmission construction is an integral part of a high-quality technical service. Our service includes maintenance work as well as complete rebuilds and revisions for any BMW racing engine, from the 1970s to the late 2000s.

Furthermore, Schnitzer Classic is your partner for the revision of gearbox and differentials. This also includes the setup with the perfect gear ratio for each racetrack. We own the entire archive of Schnitzer Motorsport, and therefore can rely on exclusive access to all Schnitzer Motorsport documents, such as gearbox and race protocols from over 40 years.

Spare Parts

Racing always implies a demand on the material. By taking over the entire stock of historical spare parts from Schnitzer Motorsport, we are perfectly equipped with a wide range of original spare parts for almost any BMW racing car.

In case an original spare part is no longer available, we are able to reproduce many parts ourselves, thanks to our modern CNC-controlled machinery and many years of experience in high-precision metal processing and prototype construction. Consequently, we are able to guarantee both, efficient processes as well as the highest quality standards for our work at all times.

Schnitzer Classic Ersatzteile
BMW Rennfahrzeug Innenraum
Driver Coaching

Our experienced racing drivers are happy to guide you in improving your driving skills. We will help you in better understanding your race car and thus improving your lap times.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have racing experience or have just discovered your love of motorsports. Our aim is to make eyes shine and giving you perfect support to enjoy the passion of historic racing cars.

We also assist rookies on their way to achieving a racing license.

Sales and Procurement

You’re a big fan of classic racing car, but you didn’t find your dream race car yet? Through our international network and technical know-how we are happy to support you in finding your original historic racing car.

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